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    Honors Program Application

    Student Information
    Admission Requirements

    Thank you for your interest in the Honors program at Shawnee State! To apply to the Honors program, please review the admission requirements to make sure you meet them. Then, prepare the following materials:

    • A personal statement indicating your interest in the Honors program (no more than 2 pages, in .pdf or .docx format). In this statement, please address the following topics:
      • How would the Honors program help you reach your personal, academic, and/or professional goals? You may wish to highlight specific program components or requirements that you are particularly interested in.
      • How would your involvement in the Honors program benefit the program and the university? That is, what are some strengths, values, and/or qualities you would bring to the program?
    • Two additional work samples that communicate your unique ability to succeed in the Honors program. Most file types are supported! Examples might include, but are not limited to:
      • Something you’ve written that you are proud of;
      • Your music or artwork;
      • A video showing us something you created
    • The names and email addresses of two people who can speak to your academic and personal strengths.
    Personal Statement

    Work Samples
    Please upload your Work Samples below:

    For more information please contact Pablo Salinas at
    Please list the names and email addresses of two recommenders
    Recommender 1
    Recommender 2